In a nutshell, a diorama can be defined as a scene that captures a moment in time. In Tintin Match, you build dioramas that show iconic scenes from the "The Adventures of Tintin" comic series.

1 - An unlocked diorama scene.
2 - A locked diorama scene. Obtain certain kits to build this scene!
3 - A diorama scene available for unlocking. You collected all the necessary kits, time to build it up!

Each diorama is divided into 5 scenes that are unlocked one after the other. In order to unlock the scenes, you need to obtain specific kits that, once assembled, will unlock a certain scene. You receive 1 to 3 kits when beating puzzle levels in the game (see the picture below).

To start exploring the next diorama, you need not only to unlock the current one by building all 5 scenes but also to find 4 notes. You can earn notes by replaying challenges - the levels with a blue button. The second or third time you play (and beat!) a challenge, you will receive a note. For example, on challenge level 117, you will get a note after the third time you beat this level (see the picture below).

The challenge levels have 5 difficulties, so each time you replay the level it gets a little bit harder to beat.