Blasters will appear on the board if you match 4 or more pieces.

Cannons clear all pieces in a row or line from where it is launched (look at the direction of the cannon to see which way it will launch). You can create a cannon by matching 4 pieces in a row.

Mushrooms clear pieces around them when detonated. You can create a mushroom by matching 5 pieces in an L or T formation.

Planes clear pieces around them when they take off and one piece when they land. Planes will try to land first on a piece that will help you achieve your goal! You can create a plane by matching 4 pieces in a square formation.

Neutron Blasters clear all the pieces of the same type on the board. It is one of the most powerful Blasters! You can create a neutron blaster by matching 5 pieces in a row.

Blaster combinations

All the Blasters in the game can be combined to create even more powerful effects! 💥 Here is a list of effects for all Blaster combinations available in the game:

Cannon + Cannon clears all pieces in a row and line.
Cannon + Mushroom clears 3 lines and 3 rows of pieces.
Mushroom + Mushroom increases the radius of the mushroom effect.
Mushroom or Cannon + Plane will take a mushroom or cannon to the landing place of the plane.
Plane + Plane creates 3 planes that target different pieces.
Mushroom or Cannon or Plane + Neutron Blaster replaces all the pieces affected by the neutron blaster (the most common type on the board at that point) by a mushroom, cannon or plane.
Neutron Blaster + Neutron Blaster clears all pieces from the board and removes one layer of obstacles.