The rules are simple: match 3 or more pieces of the same type in a limited amount of turns to complete goals! You will encounter a variety of obstacles and objects on the board to make things more interesting and a variety of Blasters and Blaster combinations to help you win the level with a style 😎

1 - Goals. Complete them to win a level.
2 - Number of turns left. You will have a limited number of turns to finish a puzzle, so be careful not to run out!
3 - Turns Star. The number indicates how many moves you have to have left when you win the level to get this star.
4 - Blasters Star. The number indicates how many blasters you have to use during the level to get this star. Combine pieces in certain shapes to create different Blasters!
5 - Power-up: Glove. It lets you swap 2 pieces without using a turn.
6 - Power-up: Hammer. It lets you clear 1 piece without using a turn.